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History Movie App

Over the years, legendary documentary film maker Ken Burns has put out a lot of movies — but now he’s released his very first app, which lets you explore his work on American history in a totally new way. Called simply “Ken Burns,” the iPad app isn’t a movie itself, but instead a collection of cl…

Expiring patents could revolutionize 3D printing… again

In 2009, a round of important 3D printing patents expired, and the industry changed virtually overnight — technology previously available only to professionals started coming to machines that cost as little as a few hundred dollars. And the same kind of boom could happen again in 2014, says Christopher Mims at Quartz. Mims describes what we could see next year after a set of patents expire on a technology known as selective laser sintering (SLS), which lets printers create more sophisticated high-resolution designs.


The virtual reality camera

When Oculus Rift raised $75 million in funding this December, it came with high praise. “We believe Oculus will not only alter the gaming landscape but will redefine fundamental human experiences in areas like film, education, architecture, and design,” venture capitalist Mark Andreessen said in a statement. It suggested a broader future for the device, maybe even one that ventures beyond the virtual environments the device has shown off so far. Could the Oculus Rift give us a view into the real world?


CES 2014

CES may almost be over, but there’s still plenty to talk about at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We learned why Microsoft’s presence at CES may be subtler these days, and that GoPro’s obsession for extreme sports has found a home on Xbox Live. We also saw Fleksy bang out emails on a smartwatch and had our faces digitally rearranged by a Kinect-equipped makeover machine — but that’s nothing compared to what we’ve hidden past the jump. Read on for a look behind the show, technology and awards that define CES 2014, day 4.